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Contact centers have proven to be the most effective tool for providing customer support services at practical prices. Saving you from the challenges running and managing an internal service department can bring.

Experience and People

Our team is the core of our business: A contact center is only as good as its people and we are confident ours are the best in the business; they are what truly set us apart. At Fusion we have a very simple belief, the right people, with the right skills, to deliver the right performance.

Today’s call center agents need an expanding skill set to include not just strong phone skills, but also the ability to craft an email response, handle online text chat sessions and interact via social media to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our staff are trained to an exceptionally high standard and have a wide breadth of experience across a diverse portfolio of clients. We invest in our call center agents to ensure they are equipped to communicate with you and your customers in a personal yet professional manner resulting in a better customer relationship.

Fusion further implements a performance management system that includes tracking performances on a daily basis in order to align agents with your unique business requirements.

Reducing high capital investment
By Fusion managing your customer interaction we ensure your customers are getting the response they desire without a significant capital investment. In-house contact centers can be extensive, including: facilities, telecom equipment, IT Support, CRM technologies and network and data security. This expensive capital expenditure does not guarantee the desired customer satisfaction.

Fusion makes continuous investment in a rising tide of new technologies (e.g., agent workflow systems, state-of-the-art phone/ ACD systems, customer relationship management software, front-end call center systems, and the various on-demand/ cloud computer solutions, social media management tools – to name just a few).
This ensures your clients benefit from the resulting technology efficiency benefits without you having to invest in capital expenditure, license costs or support headaches.

Proven Process
Fusion allows you to focus on your core competencies while allowing us to focus on ours – superior customer support. You can concentrate on your business while we maintain and enhance your client base. You won’t have to worry about the expense and trial and error incurred by in-house customer care programs. We utilize our expertise and experience when discussing your program goals so we can ensure the solution developed will meet all your needs.

Scalable and Flexible call handling
Are you planning on releasing a new product? Promoting an event? Partnering with large companies to increase sales? It’s hard to build your support as you grow. The flexibility of a modular and scalable environment allows seamless support of your programs and has the ability to grow with your needs. We already have the infrastructure and management team in place so we can grow quickly to meet your demand. If you have wavering call volumes, or provide 24 hour support, it can be difficult to staff efficiently to handle these calls in-house.

Fusion allows you to utilize the capabilities you need right now, without paying for what might be needed down the road. Your costs are always under control.

Sound resource allocation
Skill-based routing, queue management, call flow management with IVR designer and advanced call handling (call transfer, call parking, call hunting, call queuing) are just some of the capabilities that we offer as part of our comprehensive inbound solution.

Providing a consistent user experience across all channels, the inbound solution is built on the principles of uniform call distribution and adapts intelligently to changing call influx. Supervisors/ managers can monitor the call traffic in real time, and redistribute agents across multiple campaigns to accommodate the changes demanded by your business.

Optimal customer interaction management
The advanced scripting capability empowers the agents to obtain, real-time information for quick information retrieval and highest quality service. Supervisors are able to view the, scripting content and modify it in case the situation demands. The agents and supervisors can fetch data by all possible criteria (including lead identity, disposition, agent, date, time) and cut back on interaction times. This helps in serving more customers, while concurrently improving quality of service offered to them.

Workforce management tools
On workforce management front, our agents will be serving your customers quickly with the help of skill-based routing and robust queue management capabilities of our tool. With unlimited skill definition, you can analyze reports to see which are the most desired skills, or define your own skill-set according to your requirements.

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