Fusion Communication Systems also offers a wide variety of call center solutions amongst them;

CRM systems – designing and optimizing processes, workflows and knowledge management for end-to-end customer relationship and life cycle management. Our approach focuses on adopting an integrated approach, harnessing transaction and preference data. Our CRM systems allow for your contact center to keep data in an organized manner, allow for easy access and complete resolution of all matters.

Customer retention solutions- Our customer retention solution capitalizes on each contact tracking customer value over time against the cost of acquisition helps to reduce costs and improve the quality of sales processes. This involve steps like welcoming calls, Market research done via outbound calls, Customer satisfaction surveys and database management where we ensure the contact information and details given are correct and up-to date.

Telemarketing and Direct sales- We offer outbound services to generate event attendance through telemarketing. We also follow up and collect information on the opinions of the attendees this allows a business to make amends where necessary. We also provide direct sales services where our sales experts from your customer database or general leads to reach out to members of your target market.